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Redesigning a website is not an expensive matter, but can be an extremely powerful way of enhancing your corporate identity and increasing your business sales profits.

A web site needs continuous enrichments and developments for various prospective reasons and at this point there is need for the web site redesign but before re design your web site, you have to ask few questions truthfully to yourself.

Is your developed web site fresh?
Fresh and up to date information on web site compels your visitors to visit your web site every day and bring great amount of traffic to your web site. Thus, a web site needs to be a fresh and to date with newest information.

Is it friendly with all the web browsers?
Numbers of web sites on the Internet are not compactable with different browsers that are frequently used by the local and global visitors around the world. Thus, a web site should be compactable with the various common browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Netscape Navigator etc.

Is it having a professional look and feel?
Your web site should have professional look and feel which means uniform color sense, use of proper CSS, placement of images, graphics, animation, proper tag use, title description, meta tags etc which gives an professional demand to a web site and strong appeal to visitor.

Is it Search Engine friendly?
Search Engine Responsiveness is must in today's Internet scenario if you really want to stand in the competition, your web site content opulence, accomplishment of search engine optimization techniques to various web pages with various meta tag and relevant keyword richness enable your web site to achieve good on engine factors or parameters from where prospective customer would come to you.

Is it user friendly?
Another important question does your web site provide an ease to the visitor for looking information he/she is interested, does your website navigation pattern, proper placement of images graphics or animation is easy enough that a visitor is hooked to it. Thus, one of web site success key factor is user friendliness.

Is it giving you business?
This is the question around which complete story of online business rotate, does your web site gives you business. If not! Then you have to think why and you have to start from the scratch to understand the basics and identity the loopholes, so that you can make efforts to rectify it and make your web site a success story.

When you plan and start for your web site, keep in mind that most people will come to your site for information and very often communication gap between the developers and clients will results a web site.

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I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your dedicated team for your work on database and website content development. By all accounts, the quality and workmanship has been exceptional. The efforts of X-Logic team to work expeditiously, intelligently and honestly have been key to the success of this challenging task.

We're always looking for ways in which we can hire your services. I found your "Work on Demand" way to be very excellent. It's been pleasure working with you. I'd be pleased to recommend your services anyone who asks about it.

I wish you and your team a hung success in upcoming times. Our sincere and best wishes are always with you. Keep up the good work.

-Dr Deepak Acharya (Director)
Abumka Herbal

IT's a great pleasure to let you know about X-Logic software development capacities. I have been in contact with X-Logic since last 1 year.

The innovative software package they develop, have incredible and resourceful features. At this moment I am so happy with my Web Based ERP System which includes a complete dedication of X-Logic Developers.

Now, I am proud to recommend for whoever is looking for Web based industrial inventory ERP System.

-Kirit Patel (Jr. Managing Director )
Shreerangam Packaging Pvt Ltd

To visit famous or an exotic travel destination, is nowadays becoming fast trend. But we know without comfortable and cost-effective accommodation people won't be enjoying when they plan for tours.

As of now, we are one of established travel agent in India, supporting to clients with online hotel booking system. The same system provides reliable hotel booking confirmation to the both end 1> Hotel Executive and 2>Our Travel concerned person.

With the help of this system we have achieved a complete trust from our all clients.

-Milap Modi (CEO )
Ajay Modi's Travel point
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