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There are numerous frameworks obtainable for the PHP programming language at the present time, and particularly a lot of RAD - Rapid Application Development frameworks which endeavor to make web development more rapidly, less monotonous and better thought-out.

CakePHP was one of the foremost frameworks to port the RAD beliefs - which became so admired after Ruby on Rails - to the PHP programming language. CakePHP v1.0 is now one of the most accepted and instinctive solutions for PHP programming.

CakePHP Framework paves way for the users. Not merely development but also deployment and maintaining software is promising. CakePHP is a framework just like MVC that provides architecture for future extensions. This framework is easy to utilize and put into practice. It comes with a MIT license and does not need much arrangement to be installed. Once the database is set up, it is prepared to use. The CakePHP community provides user-friendly services and maintenance of the software. Any issues concerning the framework can be solved by means of the community.

Along with the operation framework, the CakePHP also provides security features like authentications and sessions. It is the best framework for the object-oriented subjects. CakePHP provides more classes and views that make development easier. Data validation is the principal feature of the CakePHP framework.

This framework makes the important of validation rules, easy for the users. The process of data purification can be done in no time using CakePHP. Users can get rid of superfluous and malevolent data using the CakePHP's data sanitization development.

Error handling is another attractive feature of the CakePHP framework. For any Software Development, debugging is the most important part of the entire process. CakePHP offers deep debugging options to the users. Logging off data is also possible using the CakePHP Framework. The other obligatory features of the CakePHP include caching, testing, pagination, localization and integration, which make it better-quality to other frameworks.

X-Logic provides you the best services in CakePHP Framework Development for rapid transactions and with less tedious jobs of web development.

Our CakePHP Framework Development services include:

  • PHP Framework
  • Cake PHP Framework
  • Framework Vs CakePHP
  • Framework CakePHP

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I wish you and your team a hung success in upcoming times. Our sincere and best wishes are always with you. Keep up the good work.

-Dr Deepak Acharya (Director)
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